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Adventure Safari in Tanzania

It’s fair to say that there is an adventure on Safari to be had in northern Tanzania, specifically on a Serengeti walking safari which is a drawcard in Tanzania for adventure seekers.

Forget flying, you should drive overland and camp to experience a real adventure safari in Tanzania. Not only do you need a reliable and fully kitted out 4×4 to explore the adventure attractions of the southern safari circuit properly, but you also need plenty of time, 4×4 driving confidence, and a healthy dose of adventurous spirit.

A Safari for Every Type of Traveller

Tanzania offers a wide range of safaris for both first-timers and seasoned campaigners. The ease with which a child-friendly safari can be combined with a beach holiday makes Tanzania a shoo-in for families, while the country’s most exclusive and luxurious safari lodges and beach retreats make for an unforgettable honeymoon in Africa.

Travel on a Safari Made Just for You

Tailor-Made Safari means seeing the world exactly how you want to see it, on a safari itinerary fashioned for you by the Tanzania foremost experts. Every traveler is different — and so is every Tailor Made Journey. We consider what you want to do and how you like to travel, and then put that knowledge to work to make a journey uniquely yours.

We are a team of genius people.

You will have the same driver guide for the entire trip. At the end of the day, the single most important factor in our clients having a successful safari is the quality of their guide. Our guides are all local Tanzanians, well-educated and they all speak fluent English. We hire only the very best, and once we hire someone great we treat them like gold.

From the Wildebeest Migration to the Big 5 and Tropical Beaches

Visit Tanzania Safari Destinations

Safari happens almost everywhere you look in Tanzania. It’s been a way of life in East Africa’s second-largest country for decades. Few destinations in Africa can rival Tanzania’s diversity of wildlife and landscapes. From the classic savannah destinations of the Serengeti, Tarangire, and Ngorongoro Crater to Zanzibar Island’s beaches and coral reefs, a Tanzania safari delivers one massive experience after another. And that’s before you discover the off-the-beaten-path gems like chimpanzee trekking in the untouched rainforests of Mahale and Rubondo or crowd-free game viewing among the beautifully wild and unique landscapes of Nyerere and Ruaha.

Boabab Tarangire national park
5 tours

Tarangire National Park

Tarangire National Park is a national park in Tanzania's Manyara Region. The name of the park originates from the Tarangire River that crosses the park.
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Wildebeest Migration in Serengeti National Park, Tanzania
9 tours

Serengeti National Park

The Serengeti is one of the most famous parks in Africa and is synonymous with wildlife and classic African scenery.
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White Rhinoceros
9 tours

Ngorongoro Crater

Ngorongoro Crater, extinct volcanic caldera in the Eastern (Great) Rift Valley, northern Tanzania. It lies 75 miles (120 km) west of the town of Arusha.
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A chacma baboon grooming another baboon
2 tours

Lake Manyara National Park

Lake Manyara National Park is a protected area in Tanzania's Arusha and Manyara Regions, situated between Lake Manyara and the Great Rift Valley.
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Arusha national park
2 tours

Arusha National Park

Arusha National Park covers Mount Meru, a prominent volcano with an elevation of 4566 m, in the Arusha Region of north eastern Tanzania.
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Take a look at our standard tours and safari packages. We can then customize the itinerary and accommodation options to suit your needs. A safari in Tanzania reveals the world’s premier safari destination: the Serengeti and its expansive plains, the largest un-flooded, and unbroken caldera in the world, the Great Wildebeest Migration, and the towering Mount Kilimanjaro. Enjoy lunch next to a hippo-filled watering hole, spot the legendary tree-climbing lion, and watch as massive tusked elephants amble about the Serengeti on a once-in-a-lifetime safari.

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Remarkable experiences

Wildebeest Migration, excellent chance of seeing predators, overall wildlife density, fine birdwatching and stunning savannah scenery
Our local guides are really lovely people who are qualified and very experienced

Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing Tours

Safari Nuggets offers supported trips on the main routes to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro with our own team of guides and porters and high-quality equipment.

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