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Safari Nuggets is a local tour operating company with its base office in Arusha, Tanzania. We are dedicated to amaze each client with our topnotch services from professional guides, classy and handpicked accommodations with mouthwatering dishes, comfortable and luxury safari vehicles and itineraries that will feed your wanderlust as well as professionally trained mountain crew for your knowledge gain, safety and successful summit.

Welcome to Tanzania…Karibu Tanzania, Safari Nuggets team says “Go Safari & Climb Kili”.

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Coming to Tanzania for a vacation or holiday, study tour, exploration, business, seeking investment opportunities, or for any other reason will ultimately feed your wanderlust. Our itineraries for both safari and trekking are “Nuggets” to any clients who choose to book with us. The experience, the comfort, and the memories that you will gather during your stay will forever be worth a while sharing with your loved ones, friends, and co-workers.

Safari Nuggets is dedicated to offering its clients a unique experience; be it a wildlife safari, a beach holiday in Zanzibar islands, trekking the highest and famous Mount Kilimanjaro, exploring the obscured but profound Golf Courses in the Northern regions of Tanzania, or any combination of these. Safari Nuggets is your gateway to escape the ordinary.

All categories of clients are warmly welcome to Safari Nuggets; are you a family planning to hike, trek and cruise together? A group of friends? Newly wedded, honeymooners? A group of strangers? Retired and ready to explore the world? A Golfer? We have Nuggets ready for all of you, but feel free to ask us to customize or tailor-made a special Safari-Nugget to your own specifications. Someday sooner or later after your return home, you’ll realize that one visit is never enough.

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Experienced Guides

Safari Nuggets offers experienced and knowledgeable guides and staff.

24/7 customer Support

We provide 24/7 customer service and support to ensure your trip is hasslefree.

wide range of tour

Safari Nuggets have a wide range of tour packages available to suit all budgets.

Private safari/trek

Private safari/trek with only the members of your group, unless you specify that you would like to participate in a group joining safari/trek.

customized tours

Safari Nuggets offers customized tours so you can experience the best of the destination in a way that suits you.